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 Commoner Valor // NightWing

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PostSubject: Commoner Valor // NightWing   Commoner Valor // NightWing I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 07, 2015 11:21 am

Username: ValorNightwing

Name: Valor

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Tribe of Origin: NightWing

Current Tribe: NightWing/Wanderer

Rank: Commoner

Personality: Valor is boisterous, loud, and very emotional. She trusts her intuition above her intellect at all costs, because when she's gone against it, it's gone badly. She tries to be friendly, but finds it difficult to make friends, and has trouble approaching other dragons. She constantly feels like others are watching her, which is largely due to the fact that as an albinistic NightWing, they usually are. However, Valor is also incredibly ambitious. Though currently unemployed, she's not above doing odd jobs where she can find them, and makes it a point to do whatever she can whenever she can. She's confident in her abilities and isn't afraid to let other dragons know that even if she doesn't look or see like all the other NightWings, she's great the way she is.

Appearance: Valor is an average NightWing unless you count the albinism. Her scales are stark, snowy white, whiter than most IceWing scales. The membranes of her wings are pinkish and vaguely translucent. Her horns and claws also have a slight pinkish color to them, and her eyes are a pale blue.

Physical Attributes (strong, tall, chubby, etc): She's a little on the short and skinny side, but not too much. In many aspects her build is completely average. She is severely visually impaired due to her albinism, and burns in the sun.

Accessories/Clothing: A pair of black-framed glasses sit atop her snout, and she also has a pair of dark sunglasses that she carries with her for day-flying. Not that she does that often, as she burns in the sun.

History: Valor was born in the RainWing village during a storm, where no moon could be seen, leaving her without NightWing powers. She was the oldest of two, her younger sister being a smart-mouth named Silvertongue. Valor's parents worked hard to make sure that Valor could read well, especially knowing that she had problems with her eyes. This way, even if Valor couldn't fight or hunt like other dragons, she could be clever and wise.

Clever, yes. Wise, no. Valor, unsurprisingly, was picked on by her fellow tribemates and would often launch herself into full-on fights with them. She was deemed a troublemaker and a curse by the parents of the dragonets who bullied her, refusing to believe that dear and darling Sharphorns or Longclaw or Impeccable could ever do such a despicable thing as bully another dragonet. Valor's parents tried to tell her to be nicer, and though she insisted that she was being perfectly nice and it was everyone else who was being mean, no one believed her. Valor began to resent other dragons, and this continued until her father Boomingroar saw her being chased and bitten by older dragonets. "New advice," he told her after cleaning her wounds. "Be nice until it's time not to be nice. You'll know when it's time not to be nice."

Valor was then free to assert herself with the other dragonets, and would never start a fight, but would be damn sure to finish it if it started. She was still very much an outsider, not having many friends, but the bullying eventually stopped. When she turned 15, she decided that it was time for her to flee the nest, and so, with a tearful goodbye to her father and to her mother, Clearsight, and a slightly less tearful one to Silvertongue (sisters - yuck!), Valor set off to travel the kingdoms. She's on a quest to find her place in the world, and isn't about to let anyone or anything get in her way.

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Commoner Valor // NightWing
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