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 Commoner Kaito // SeaWing

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catoptrophobic cat
catoptrophobic cat

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PostSubject: Commoner Kaito // SeaWing   Commoner Kaito // SeaWing I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 08, 2015 8:37 pm

Username: Catoptrophobic Cat

Name: Kaito

Gender: Nonbinary (please forgive me if I slip up ;-Winky Dragon

Sexuality: Bisexual

Tribe of Origin: SeaWing

Current Tribe: SeaWing

Rank: Commoner

Personality: Kaito is quiet and has a high, sweet voice, which makes it far easier to hide their profession as an animus assassin. They don't advertise, as they like to keep a low profile, but they are a keen observer that watches those with large sums of money closely. They put up a false mask of kindness around those who they are not hired to kill, but secretly they loathe the presence of other dragons. The only reason they are an assassin is because they are a poor strategist, so they delight in taking gold from those who can work out a plan for them.

Appearance: Kaito has bright, shiny aqua scales and gray-blue eyes. Their bioluminescence is sea-green. Oddly, their tail is a much darker shade of turquoise.

Physical Attributes (strong, tall, chubby, etc): Big-boned, tall, frail

Accessories/Clothing: Cloaks of varying hues to hide their bright scales in different environments

History: Kaito was born very near to the coast, close to the Mud Kingdom. Their parents were overprotective and rarely let then out of their sight. When Kaito revealed they were an animus, their parents were shocked. Having heard the rumors of what animus powers do to those who use them often, they tried to place them in a prison. In a rage of fury, Kaito broke out and killed their father. They left their mother before she knew their father was dead and became the dragon they are now.
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Commoner Kaito // SeaWing
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