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 Commoner Naiad // SeaWing

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PostSubject: Commoner Naiad // SeaWing   Commoner Naiad // SeaWing I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 11, 2015 5:42 pm

Username: SimplyMysty

Name: Naiad

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Tribe of Origin: SeaWing

Current Tribe: . SeaWing

Rank: Commoner

Personality: At the mere age of six, Naiad is a kind and benevolent SeaWing. She has a bright, optimistic charisma and shows great compassion in the things she does. Naiad is welcoming toward any dragonet of any tribe and always thinks of the positive sides of things. She is courageous and cares deeply for her family and friends.

Appearance: Naiad is an ordinary SeaWing with regular sized wings. She is a cerulean colored dragon with an obscurer complexion for gills. Her wing membranes are electric blue, the same hue of her optics and underbelly. Naiad's bioluminescent markings are cobalt blue. She has a slightly thin build, making her lithe in both flight and swimming.

Physical Attributes (strong, tall, chubby, etc): Lean, small

Accessories/Clothing: Usually nothing.

History: The youngest out of her two siblings, Mosasaur and Bermuda, Naiad had always been the affectionate and curious one. She was raised by an assassin family where they were hired to murder for a living. Despite the fact she had no urges to kill, her family loved her with a burning passion. Naiad never participated in the assassin program and due to that, she saw less and less of her siblings. A bit lonely, she struggled to find friends. Yet as a result of her family's fierce reputation, it was difficult to find one. Finally, she came across Selkie, a quiet young SeaWing. They both quickly formed a bond which cheered Naiad enormously.
One day, Naiad was shocked to see three SeaWings attacking an orca calf which they had previously chased from its pod. Pitied by the poor, small creature's shrill whistles, she jumped into the melee. The SeaWings had challenged her to why they had interrupted their 'game.' But as soon as they got the concept her parents were high ranked assassins, they fled.
She attempted to find the little one's pod, yet it soon became apparent to her they had either fled from the Sea Kingdom or were killed by SeaWings- which was highly unlikely. If she left it alone, the animal would surely die and anyways, it had taken a liking upon following her. So, she decided to keep the orca-to the greatest disapproval of Mosasaur-and name it Ulises. Naiad is usually seen at libraries reading stories or simply around the Sea Kingdom, usually chatting with Selkie or one of her one of her siblings. On nearly all occasions, she is accompanied by Ulises.

She has a pet orca by the name of Ulises.
She is extremely fluent in Aquatic and enjoys creating new words.
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Commoner Naiad // SeaWing
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