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 Royal Advisor Starsight / NightWing

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PostSubject: Royal Advisor Starsight / NightWing   Royal Advisor Starsight / NightWing I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 10, 2015 12:59 pm

Name: Starsight

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Tribe of origin: Nightwing

Current Tribe: Nightwing

Rank/Occupation: Royal Adviser/ Historian

Physical Appearance:
StarSight shares the physical appearance like most Nightwings do, Scales as dark as a moonless night, with speckles of silver here and there that look like the shining stars. His most defining characteristic are the Milky white orbs that are his eyes, with scattered black dots here and there. Naturally blind born that way.

His dorsal side is a Dark grey in color, matted down with somewhat permanent stains of ink, dirt, and mud from all the times he's tripped over himself (Or another dragon) and ended up sprawled out on the floor. By choice he allows a lei of flowers to be draped around his neck at all times, as well as some woven between his spines and between his horns. An act he sees as an attempt to further bond with their Rainwing neighbors.

In stark contrast, his ventral side is a dark violet in color, his legs and underbelly occasionally marred by a simple scrape, scratch or scar from some forgotten misadventure. His wings, like other Nightwings bear the constellation like markings, his being exhibited in a delicate outwards spiral.

He is averagely sized for a Nightwing male of his age, he is Lithe, though he's not agile enough to make a good use of that.

Personality: Oddly enough he as a sunny and bright disposition, despite the fact that he cannot see. He’s more than content to listen to someone else describing something for him. More over, he's an intellectual, applying more logic to things than emotion. (Though when pressed, will make rash emotional decisions instead.) He enjoys telling stories and tales, along with passing along a piece of advice to any who need it, a "Blind wise-man" of sorts. He mostly enjoys retelling the History of the Nightwings to any who would listen, as well as weaving proverbs so that the mistakes made in the past do not come back to haunt them again.

He is more liable to attack with his words than his body, a well toned wit and word hoard proving to be enough to spark sense in his detractors, and even if it doesn’t, it leaves them with something to think about for some time.

He thinks of the Rainwings as kind neighbors, despite the bad blood from the past, and often seeks verbal discourse with their number, seeking another with whom he might debate with. Moreover, he thinks of any dragon as his personal equal, never placing himself above or below anyone, save the queens of course.

"We must learn from our Past... so that we may change our own futures."

Named "Starsight" due to the appearance of his eyes (A cruel irony indeed), lived most of his early years simply learning how to navigate around, (thanks to assistances from a notable few) primarily using a combination of sounds, smells and the feeling of the area around him. Independent to a fault, he simply assumed he could work things out himself, but slowly would grow to realize that having those willing to assist was far better than having no assistance at all.  

Over time, a thirst and desire for knowledge made itself apparent. Friends would read texts and stories to him upon request, and he would frequently grill and question adults about their history and past as a tribe. Of course, the latter met some stiff resistance, but a mind hungry for knowledge is rarely denied.

Over time, he'd learned how to get around by himself, mostly by means of using a sizable stick to probe the area in front of him (and with the assistance of others for a time) . Doing so, he began to venture out more, speaking with close friends and waxing poetically about history and the major events happening around the world. His hope was that no wars would plague Phyrria ever again, and instead that a beneficial peace would last for generations. A world where knowledge and trade was prized over martial strength, and where all the tribes see each other as equals.
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Royal Advisor Starsight / NightWing
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