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 Outcast Crevasse // IceWing

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PostSubject: Outcast Crevasse // IceWing    Outcast Crevasse // IceWing  I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 10, 2015 7:29 am

Username: SimplyMysty

Name: Crevasse

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Tribe of Origin: IceWing

Current Tribe: None

Rank: Outcast

Personality: Crevasse is an extremely calculating dragon with little to no morales. She doesn't mind killing and, instead, takes great pleasure in relishing her anger on murder. She is cold-hearted, cruel and sometimes arrogant.

Appearance: Crevasse is a pale, sapphire blue dragon with glittering tints of white along her scales. Her optics are a cold shade of aquatic cyan with specks of celeste. She has pointed white digits with a blue complexion at each of their tips, matching that of her horns and spikes. Her wing membrane are silvery white, yet like her claws and such, they have a bluish coloration at their edges. Her underbelly is a glitteringly white shade. She has many scars but an apparent one runs down the left side of her face before finishing at her hip bone.

Physical Attributes (strong, tall, chubby, etc): Small, strong, sturdy

Accessories/Clothing: She wears two chain anklets-around her front legs-studded with three sapphires. Crevasse also has a necklace with the fangs of dragons she has killed.

History: At a young age, Crevasse witnessed her mother's death when an assassin raided the Ice Kingdom. She had never met her father and was forced to find refugee elsewhere in the Ice Kingdom. However, her mother had lacked a good reputation and she had been casted out each time she attempted to beg for a family. Alone as a dragonet, she had to scavenge for food, sleep in corners or under bridges and look after herself. Once, she was ambushed by a polar bear and she obtained the long scar she has now. Barely escaping with her life, she knew it wasn't long until her wound would kill her. However, a young male dragon by the name of Narwal found her. Already with a bitter heart toward other dragons, she had been wary of Narwal. He had the opposite attitude toward her, however, and tried his best to cure her gash. Soon, Crevasse softened toward him and sensed something for the handsome young dragon; love. He, too, seemed to have felt the same way toward her. However, she was shocked and heartbroken when she found out Narwal had fallen in love with another dragon. In her despair, she lashed out at this female dragon, yet was bested. She fled from the Ice Kingdom, bitter with hate.
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Outcast Crevasse // IceWing
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