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 Queen Floe // IceWing

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catoptrophobic cat
catoptrophobic cat

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PostSubject: Queen Floe // IceWing   Queen Floe // IceWing I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2015 3:44 pm

Username: Catoptrophobic Cat

Name: Floe

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Aromantic Asexual

Tribe of Origin: IceWing

Current Tribe: IceWing

Rank: Queen

Personality: Floe can be quite selfish sometimes, and she's often impulsive and temperamental. But she is just and intelligent, and with the help of her friends and family, she rules her kingdom well.

Appearance: Floe has dark blue-black sclera with pale blue pupils. Her scales are a common shade of pale blue, but instead of the usual sharp, glittery appearance, they have a dull shine to them. The base of her wings and her shoulders are covered in white speckles of varying sizes.

Physical Attributes: Tall, thin, frail

Accessories/Clothing: Three moonstone tail rings

History: Not long before her coronation, Floe met Poudrin. She became close friends with him. However, she did not realize that her younger sister, Crystic, was in love with Poudrin, and thought that Floe had gotten him to fall in love with her to spite Crystic. Without giving Floe a chance to explain, she hired the animus SeaWing Kaito to trap Floe inside of a box of ice. The queen-to-be awoke the next morning to find herself in the strange box. After much examination, she found that not even her strongest blows cracked the ice, and that one of the walls allowed her to see what Crystic saw. Soon, she realized she did not need to eat or drink while she was inside the box, either. Her only entertainment was watching in horror as Crystic took Floe's place as queen, slaughtered her own family, and created brutal laws. Finally, after many years, Crystic was assassinated. As Kaito was no longer loyal to the deceased queen, Poudrin ordered them to destroy the box. When Floe finally saw real daylight again, she nearly went mad. However, after several months, she was sane enough to take her rightful place as queen.

Other: Floe is rad pass it on  Yes Dragon
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Queen Floe // IceWing
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