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 Royal Guard Snow // Icewing

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PostSubject: Royal Guard Snow // Icewing   Royal Guard Snow // Icewing I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2015 5:49 pm

Username: evilbaby

Name: Snow

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual Greyromantic

Tribe of Origin: Icewing

Current Tribe: Icewing

Rank: Royal Guard

Personality: Snow's an enthusiastic kid. At 17 years old, she's very impressionable and eager to please. She's has a strong work ethic, and often burns herself out. She lacks common sense and is pretty gullible, if the information is coming from a superior. While easily fooled, she has quick reactions to dangerous situations and doesn't easily lose her head.

Appearance: Snow is a fairly average sized Icewing. She's very muscular, with a body type comparable to a competitive swimmer's. Her scales are a very soft blue, with a gradiant of cyan towards her spines and the edges of her scales. Her spines are long and elegant. Her horns are a pale silvery color.

Physical Attributes (strong, tall, chubby, etc): Very muscular, otherwise fairly thin and average in height/length.

Accessories/Clothing: Small iron bracers on her front ankles and the end of her tail; simple gear to guard her weak spots in any violent situations that might arise. One of her higher ups gave them to her shortly after she entered into guard training.

History: Snow and her sister were born to an older Icewing couple. Her mother left when she and Icicle were around four years old, as conflict in the Icewing palace was escalating with the imprisonment of Princess Floe and Crystic's rise to power. Her whereabouts are unknown- it's likely that she was killed in the chaos.

Their father cared for them, keeping them to the outskirts of the Icewing kingdom. Snow had little to no contact with other dragons outside of her immediate family. She's only barely literate- her father had a few scrolls on hand, mostly miscellaneous ones about Icewing kingdom wildlife and folklore.

She was content to stay on the fringes until her father also passed away when she was ten. She and her sister were sheltered in their small house in the mountain peaks while their father was out hunting, but he was caught in an avalanche. After he was missing for a week, the two sisters went out to search for him, and found his frozen corpse half-buried in slowly melting ice.

For the next few years, Snow and her sister stayed isolated, with Snow taking on the majority of the hunting her father had done for them before. One of her outings led her into contact with an Icewing royal scout. Curious about outsiders, Snow pestered them for information. Excited with the newfound information about the world (apparently there wasn't a murderous tyrant on the throne anymore!) she raced home to tell her sister. She was skeptical, and though Snow cajoled, she chose to stay in their home by herself. Snow rejoined Icewing society, and eventually her physical prowess and quick thinking earned her a spot as a trainee Royal Guard. She's been in training for around half a year. She hasn't seen her sister in two years and sorely misses her, but they parted after a fight, and she's unsure if her sister would welcome her back.

Other: She'd be transgender by human terms. To dragons, she's any other girl dragon. She realized shortly after she was around mainstream Icewing society, being exposed to other dragons and their ideas.

Reference image, drawn by me:

Royal Guard Snow // Icewing Tumblr_njfo6yIMnL1tccwe7o1_1280

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PostSubject: Re: Royal Guard Snow // Icewing   Royal Guard Snow // Icewing I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2015 6:11 pm

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Royal Guard Snow // Icewing
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