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 Express your Creativity - Make a Forum Mascot!

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catoptrophobic cat

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PostSubject: Express your Creativity - Make a Forum Mascot!   Fri Feb 06, 2015 8:37 pm

It gets sort of tiring using random characters and canon covers all over the site, right? So why don't we make a forum mascot! Create a biography, draw a picture, or submit an existing character - here or via PM! All candidates will be posted below, and once all twenty spots are filled, I'll go back and choose three characters. Then I'll set up a poll, and you can vote for your favorite character!

  1. Floe the IceWing Queen (made by Catoptrophobic Cat)
  2. Arum the RainWing Commoner (made by Catoptrophobic Cat)
  3. Kaito the SeaWing Animus (made by Catoptrophobic Cat)

NOTE: Please do not submit canon characters!
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Express your Creativity - Make a Forum Mascot!
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