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PostSubject: 'sup..........   'sup.......... I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2015 2:36 pm

hi! i'm nate. i'm a bit older, 21 to be exact, nb, and rly love dragon books. i also like warrior cats, watership down, welcome to night vale, criminal minds, and the new movie suburban gothic. (don't watch suburban gothic if you're under 13 though, really don't.) i like writing a whole lot, also drawing and video editing. i really like doing voice work too.

i'm a student in college for digital media production right now. i'd love to minor in film studies but i'm trying to graduate as fast as possible and i'm pretty sure that would hold me back. so, sadface.

ummmm i guess the only other things you need to know are that i have albinism, which is a genetic disorder that makes me A) super pale and B) legally blind, and i'm dating my super cute partner, shelby.

uhhhh if y'all have any other questions feel free to pm or ask them here! i'm friendly.
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